Earn a whopping 15% commission on your referrals that turn into sales.

The ESD web site is now set up to do Referrer Tracking so that visitors you send to us via a specially coded link will be identified as YOUR referrals -- and if they purchase any water treatment product from us, you will be credited for it. It's truly a win-win-win (customer-you-us) program.

You don't need to have a web site. You don't even need to know how to build a web page. If you can click a mouse button to do a simple copy-and-paste, you've got it made. It's all automated for you.

Simply fill out a short online application form and you'll receive an email from us with your log-in User Name and Password, along with a link to your new Affiliate Admin Console. There, you will find our wide selection of banners and text links. If you have a blog or other web site, you'd probably want to use one of our classy banner ads to point your visitors to.

The code snip for all that is all worked out for you right there with each banner add. Just copy the code snip in the box and paste it into the source code of a web page -- and you're done! You can also copy the code snips for the text links and paste them into an email, or a web page. Simple as a brick.

ESD will pay 15% commission on the NET of any and all sales transacted online at either of our water treatment web sites: or The NET will be the retail total of products purchased and does not include shipping, taxes or other associated charges. Payment will be made by business check whenever commissions earned total at least $25.00. Checks are made out at the close of the business week and mailed on Saturdays. Alternatively, we can pay you via PayPal. Your choice.

ESD reserves the right to reject or terminate any affiliate partner relationship should the affiliate's web site or email content reflect negatively on our good business repuration or if the affiliate should engage in email spamming or other disreputable tactics to generate click-through traffic to ESD. ESD holds a zero tolerance position on spamming and phishing and will terminate without appeal the Affiliate Partner relationship with anyone who has engaged such activity. All commissions earned would be forfeited upon termination.

At present, this Affiliate Partner Program is open only to residents of the USA. All monetary figures are in US dollars (USD).

Affiliate Partnership with ESD does not constitute employment by ESD. All Affiliate Partners who earn at least $600 in commissions will be issued a copy of IRS Form 1099 that will report the total of commissions paid for that taxable year. Affiliate Partners operate as independent contractors and not as employees of ESD.

So, with that said, please click HERE to go to the ESD Affiliate Partner Program online application form, and WELCOME ABOARD!

Interested in doing business on a larger scale -- as in becoming your own stand-alone dealer/distributor under the auspices and support of ESD? Then maybe our Affiliate Dealer Program would be a better fit for you. Click HERE to read all about it.

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